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Highlighted work

The group's Chemical Review on Surface Organometallic Chemistry is #4 most downloaded in January!  Read more 


Highlighted work

Our paper "Elucidating the Link between NMR Chemical Shifts and Electronic Structure in d0 Olefin Metathesis Catalysts" has been published in JACS. Read more 


Highlighted work

Highlight of our article on "Atomic Description of the Interface between Silica and Alumina in Aluminosilicates through Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Surface-Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy and First-Principles Calculations" on the webpage of IFP Energies nouvelles. Read more 


Highlighted work

"First Reaction" by Prof. Johannes Lercher on our ACS Central Science article on "Cooperativity between Al–sites Promotes H-Transfer and Carbon–Carbon Bond Formation upon Dimethylether Activation on Alumina". Read more 


The group is growing!

Welcome to our new Post Docs Kim Larmier and Amanda Cook. Also welcome to Erwin Lam, joining the group as a PhD student, Dzulija Kuzmenko and Rick Arneil, visiting PhD students. Read more 

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LAC Lectures

9 June 2016, Talk

LAC Lecture - Functional Inorganic Solids using Nanocrystals and Molecules as Building Blocks

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6 September 2016, Colloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Super Bulky Amides: New Ligands for the Stabilization of Synthetically Applicable Low-Valent Main Group Complexes

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4 October 2016, Colloquium

LAC Lecture Series - New nanosized Silver Clusters; Synthesis, Structures and Properties

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