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Max Rössler Prize 2016 to Christophe Copéret

Christophe Copéret is the winner of the Max Rössler Prize 2016! An important recognition for the outstanding research in the group. Read more 


Metathesis Reaction Intermediates Characterized by DNP

Our paper "Atomistic Description of Reaction Intermediates for Supported Metathesis Catalysts Enabled by DNP SENS" has been published in Angewandte Chemie. Read more 


Groups Chemical Review on Surface Organometallic Chemistry

The group's Chemical Review on Surface Organometallic Chemistry is #4 most downloaded in January! Read more on Chemical Reviews website. Read more 


NMR Chemical Shifts and Electronic Structure

Our paper "Elucidating the Link between NMR Chemical Shifts and Electronic Structure in d0 Olefin Metathesis Catalysts" has been published in JACS. Read more 

Group News


Congratulations to Patrick Wolf and Georges Siddiqui!

For their sucessful PhD defenses. All the best for your careers.  Read more 


Congratulations to Emma Oakton!

She successfully defended her PhD thesis entiteld "Tailoring Conductive Metal Oxides for Photochemical and Electrochemical Applications".  Read more 


Congratulations to Maxence Valla!

He successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Understanding and development of heterogeneous Re-based alkene metathesis catalysts". Cheers! Read more 

LAC Lectures

6 September 2016, Colloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Super Bulky Amides: New Ligands for the Stabilization of Synthetically Applicable Low-Valent Main Group Complexes

Read more 

4 October 2016, Colloquium

LAC Lecture Series - Nanosized Transition Metal Clusters with Main Group Elements as Ligands; Synthesis, Structures and Properties

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8 November 2016, Seminar

Special Seminar on Batteries - Solidifying batteries: A better life without liquids?

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