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The Copéret group develops and applies tailored organometallic precursors for the synthesis of monodispersed supported metal nanoparticles for applications in heterogeneous catalysis.

We investigate and compare three methodologies: classical impregnation, two-step grafting/post-treatment and colloid approaches.

Classical impregnation. Impregnating inorganic precursor including organometallic compounds onto tailored supports followed by post-treatment allows for the formation of narrowly dispersed small (1-2 nm) nanoparticles, which are typically active in a broad range of applications, e.g. hydrogenation, methanation1 and dry reforming.2,3

Grafting approach. Grafting tailored organometallic precursor onto silica or alumina surface allows for a precise control over the reaction stoichiometry and metal site density. After post-treatment under H2, narrowly dispersed and small nanoparticles are generated, for which the metal-support interface can even be controlled: e.g., metal siloxides grafted on alumina generate metal nanoparticles on surface aluminosilicate.4

Colloidal approach. Colloidal solutions can be prepared from organometallic precursors and then dispersed onto a support. This approach allows a better controlled of the particle size distribution and composition: e.g. 2-nm nickel−silicide nanoparticles from Ni(COD)2 and octylsilane can be prepared and dispersed on silica at low temperature, which generates highly active and stable catalyst for dry reforming.5


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